Friday, June 19, 2009

A True Story

My boss had his cowboy boots up on his desk, and was smoking the pipe he had carefully prepared. It was my first day on the job as a computer programmer and we were completing orientation paperwork. I only remember two things he said that day… “You might get to travel,” and “Now that you work here you have a job for life.” I had never thought about working anywhere for … well for forever…

That was thirty years ago… almost to the day.

There were few women in the office, and no female managers. There were no computers on the desks, just a few shared workstations. There were lots of ashtrays mixed in with the cluttered piles of listings and dumps. There were three of us assigned to a crowded two-person office, an early version of cubicle life.

The office didn’t burn down, and I didn’t keel over from second-hand smoke. I did get to travel. I loved that job.

Slightly less than thirty years later I found myself gratefully accepting an offer to retire early from that same company.

What do you remember most about your first day at your first job? Share your comments here.


Anonymous said...

"You've got spunk"

Anon_e_mouse said...

30 years or more with one employer... that had been my plan too, when I joined the company my father worked for, to follow in his footsteps (he retired after 39 years). But the company had other plans, so in 1994, after 16 years, I was out. Figured that I'd be able to retire from my next major employer, the one both my grandfathers had worked for, but then after nine years... the downsizing axe hit again. Now, 31 years after entering the workforce, I expect to work until the day I keel over... assuming I can find another job.

Firefly said...

Anon e mouse -- I feel for you. Things sure have changed in the last 30 years. It's hard to imagine staying anywhere for 39 years!