Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fine Example of Corporate Speak

On a recent trip to New York City I noticed a sign that was too good not to share --- prompting me to write this uncharacteristic mid-week blog post. The two-sentence paragraph said:

“As the world’s leading (industry) business, (company name) continues to innovate in the geographies, sales formats, and a range of services that are offered to clients. Ongoing initiatives in new and middle markets, as well as global infrastructure and talented teams underpin our continuous success.”

Pretty good, right? I mean, what large corporation doesn’t want to expand into new markets? They mentioned their clients… good… and innovation… even better…. and declared their leadership all in one sentence!

And hey – what company doesn’t consider their people and global infrastructure among their keys to competitive advantage?

The only thing I can think of that would made this more perfect as a generic buzz-word-laden corporate message is if there were a third sentence that said:

And we are committed to increasing shareholder value from quarter to quarter and year to year by decreasing costs and improving profitability.

Now that’s a vision!

I should mention that this message was prominently displayed – almost reverently – in a large window at street level so that everyone walking by would see it and be in awe of this company’s brilliance… or at least that of the marketing person who came up with these fine words. Go figure….

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