Friday, October 16, 2009

To All the Bosses Out There

Happy Boss's Day!

Yes indeed, October 16th is Boss's Day.

In the 25 years I was a boss, I don't believe any of my employees ever acknowledged Boss's Day. Even my ultra-organized assistant who always knew when the special days were never mentioned it. If any of my ex-employees are thinking about it now – well, it’s a bit late.

But I didn’t feel neglected. Really. I will admit that I never even consciously knew when it was. I was under the mistaken impression that it was a relatively new ‘holiday’. Not so.

Boss's Day was first registered with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958. The governor of Illinois officially recognized it in 1962. Hallmark started making cards for the occasion in 1979.

So – this is for all of you bosses out there – good bosses and bad bosses – big bosses and not-so-big bosses – happy bosses and frustrated bosses…

And yes – it is indeed Friday!

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