Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Better Than Chocolate?

I can hear you guessing now – a great bottle of wine! Cotton candy! Cheesecake! A terrific movie!

And although I have been known to savor a glass of cabernet sauvignon, and consume large amounts of dark chocolate (in just about any form), while watching a fabulous (or even not so fabulous) movie, none of these are the correct answer today.

Come on – those of you who have spent time in Corporate America know the answer. The correct answer is: recognition.

Last Friday, Jane Friedman – publisher and editor extraordinaire at Writer’s Digest (no she didn’t pay me to say that) and writer of the blog There Are No Rules – noted my blog as one of “15 Worthy Blogs (she) Just Discovered.”

For Jane to put When Fridays Were Fridays on her list means that she not only reads it, but she actually likes it!

Okay, now I'm gushing – but just had to share the good news.

Good things really do happen on Fridays!

You may notice that I am no longer using the pseudonym Firefly for signing my posts. Since I started this blog three months ago I have learned that real names rule in the blogosphere, and I can no longer think of a good reason to stay behind the scenes.

Happy reading, Colette (aka Firefly)


Wendy Burnett said...

Congratulations Colette - recognition is a wonderful thing.

Cat Wagman said...

Kudos to a kindred spirit! Fridays CAN be fabulous, especially when you stay open to all possibilities while giving the best you've got to give. Here's a chocolate covered cherry to celebrate!! \_©_/

Sonya said...

Hi Colette,

I spent many years in Corp America, but it's been so long ago. So, when I thought what's better than chocolate, what came to mind was: "great clients, lucrative writing assignments, and steady, on-time payments".

All best,
Sonya Carmichael Jones

Colette said...

Thanks for your comments and chocolate covered cherries! And yes -- great clients and lucrative assignments... Definitely better than chocolate! said...

Hello, Firefly Colette. I saw your paragraph at Nathan Bransford's blog and popped over here to tell you it is very VERY good! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

See, you done good!

S in POK