Friday, December 25, 2009

A Tool I Wish I’d Discovered Earlier

Every now and then you discover a new trick that is worth sharing, and I have one of those for you today. Given that's it's Christmas, this one is my present to you today.

While working in Corporate America, I needed to keep a pulse on news that was related to the products I was developing. To do this I subscribed to newsletters, used Google search extensively, and relied on information that was passed on to me. This led to a cluttered mailbox, and required a great deal of time to sort through.

Now that I have learned to use Google Alerts, I am able to streamline the information I am interested in. This simple to use tool allows you to receive periodic (you pick the frequency) updates based on keywords you choose. You can pick the target source (news, blogs, video) or select a comprehensive search, and it gets delivered to your mailbox or a feed source.

So, let's say you want to know all the latest about the Galleon insider trading scandal, you can set an alert for "Galleon, insider trading, Moffat, Rajaratnam, Chiesi" and voila! the latest news on the topic arrives in your inbox.

If you are a data junkie like me, need to do research on a topic, want to follow specific news topics, or just want to check periodically on what information is on the web about you, this is a tool you have to check out.

Have a fantastic holiday!

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