Friday, January 15, 2010

Galleon Update – Yet Another Extension

You may recall that today was the deadline for federal prosecutors to bring indictments against Mark Kurland, Bob Moffat and Rajiv Goel – the three lingering dispositions from the original complaints.

And the answer is…

An extension has been requested for another month. According to the NY Times Dealbook, it appears that deals are likely for all three.

Earlier this week, there were reports about the identity of the individual referred to as ‘Tipper X’ in the SEC complaints. NY Times reports that the secret witness is Thomas Hardin, an investment analyst.

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Douglas Bruton said...

Isn't it funny how we can speak the same language, use the same words, and still be thought of as talking Greek. Being a Scot I have no knowledge of the cases you speak and so no understanding of this post.

Nevertheless, a week on from Nicola's blog party, I wanted to pop back and say if you find any keys down the back of your sofa then they're mine. Always losing things at parties!

best wishes


Colette said...

Hi Douglas, thanks for stopping by! I do realize that this one is for a US audience. It's about an insider trading case here in the US that has snagged a number of top executives in high profile companies including IBM (my former employer).