Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Boss Contest - You Pick the Winner

As Bad Boss week comes to a close, the only thing left to do is vote!

The winner is entirely up to you. Voting opens today and ends at midnight on Monday (Feb 8th). The story that receives the most votes wins. The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Click on the links to review the finalists:

Monday - No Men Allowed
Tuesday - Escape From Jane
Wednesday - Extreme Measures
Thursday - Special Project

Vote here:

The Worst Bad Boss Is:

So, what do you think? Was this fun? Should we do it again sometime?


Anonymous said...

They are all horrible; being the subject of these situations must have caused unmeasurable levels of anxiety and frustration.
I consider myself extremely fortunate that I never experienced anything even close to these situations.

Anonymous said...

P.S. This was loads of fun and a GREAT idea.

Colette said...

Stevebdpok, good point -- anyone who hasn't experienced a boss as bad as these should consider themselves lucky! Unfortunately, I think many have...

Anonymous said...

These were interesting to read but for me I found them somewhat unsettling because they brought back some bad memories. I once experienced a situation similar to Special and have vowed to NEVER stand for that again. Reading these stories confirms that unfortunately others have been in similar situations. Bad bosses exist and so do bad companies, i.e., those that allow or even in some cases promote this type of culture. No one has to take it, economic conditions notwithstanding. I have learned that you should always keep your resume updated and floating around in the marketplace to either advance your career through better opportunities or to pull the plug on uncivilized situations such as these. All of us have the power to remove ourselves from these situations. If nothing else, these stories underscore how important it is to maintain those options.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have read all five blogs for the "bad boss" contest. I actually can imagine what each person is and has gone through. Their stories ring true to the very soul of my being. Corporate America is fastly becoming an ugly place to be in our world.
Our sanity should be coat checked at the door. The soul is asleep while at work. It is anxiously awaiting to be released / to be set free at the end of the work day.

Dave E said...

Great contest, loved it.
Now, how about a good boss contest?

Colette said...

Dave, a good boss contest sounds like a great idea. Someone also suggested a bad colleague contest.