Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad Boss Finalist #1 - No Men Allowed

It is officially Bad Boss Week!

Not surprisingly, there are some bad bad bosses out there. I have selected four finalists. Their stories will run Monday through Thursday in no particular order. Don't worry if you don't check back every day, you can always review them later. But do come back on Friday so you can help choose the winner!

Because each of the finalists has chosen to remain anonymous, I have given each of the entries a title so we can distinguish them. The titles are purely my choice so please don't allow them to sway your vote.

Thanks to everyone who entered their stories. Just about everyone who entered noted that it was therapeutic to write their stories. Even if you didn't enter, you might want to try it!

Feel free to share comments on these stories and commiserate with the writers.

Here we go with the first finalist story:

No Men Allowed

I was employed by a rather large corporation for 25 years. Most of that time I held supervisory positions in two departments. The latter was in the Sales department. I was approached by the manager of the Marketing Research department to supervise the Marketing Information Systems group. At the same time, someone new to the company was hired to supervise the Marketing group of the department. After two weeks in my new position, the person that hired us resigned from the company. Even though I had over 20 years with the company, I did not have direct marketing experience and the company decided to promote the newly hired marketing supervisor as the manager.

That is when the trouble began. It was apparent that the new manager was a 'ladder climber' and was going to do everything she could to make it to the executive level of the organization no matter who she stepped on in the process. As the only man in an all female department, I was an easy target for her. I was a long-term employee that was popular and well respected with everyone in the department and many within the company. My performance reviews ranged from very good to excellent over 25 years. As a new employee, her management style alienated many people. She tried everything to discredit me: moving me from an office and into a cube, verbally attacking me in front of others and rejecting some of my work because it was not to her liking.

One day I prepared a letter to one of our clients and submitted it to her for approval (everything had to have her approval). She waited a day or two to even look at it. She stormed over to my desk, threw the letter (with red marks all over it like a graded paper) at me and said, "Write something that someone can understand", and walked away. One of my subordinates was also responsible for writing this same kind of letter. After the dust had settled I told my subordinate to take my letter as-is, put her name on it and send it to the manager for approval. It not only was returned to her immediately, but it had a post-it note on it that said "Nice job!!"

The final straw for me is when she proceeded to read a list of 'male-bashing jokes at a staff meeting as "the lighter side" of the meeting. I found them to be rather offensive and reported her to the Sales Director. Shortly thereafter, I was fired for "unsatisfactory performance".

It took 3 years, an EEO complaint and a lawsuit, to settle with the company. I was hired back with full benefits and she eventually 'resigned'.... well below the first rung of the corporate ladder.

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Colette said...

I'll go first with the comments this time. This story really appealed to me because the employee/writer got revenge, and the bad boss is no longer bossing around.