Monday, November 29, 2010

Five Reasons to Take All of Your Vacation This Year

A bonus Monday post for you! I rarely re-run content, but I think this topic is so important that it's worth re-running this post from last year.


You still have vacation days to take. For some of you this might be just a couple of days – for others it might be weeks. But there are only four weeks left in 2010 and time is running out.

According to a recent Rasmussen report, only 46% of workers plan to take all of their vacation this year. That means that 54% of employees are leaving vacation days unused. Are you one of them? If so, here are five great reasons why you should take all your vacation:

1. You earned it. It’s a benefit. It’s worth money. You might be surprised that last year Expedia estimated there would be 436 million unused vacation days in 2009 and valued that at $63.33 billion. (I’ll do the math for you – that’s at an hourly rate of $18. Your vacation days may be worth far more than that.)

2. It won’t change your annual appraisal. I have news for you – most management teams complete their performance discussions before the holidays (because they plan to be on vacation). Unless you are in sales and need to make quota for the quarter, or you discover a technology that solves world hunger, chances are your bottom line won’t change because you took some time off over the holidays.

3. Your boss won’t notice. The truth is, unless you’ve specifically been asked to provide coverage, no one will notice. And consider this – if you are the only one working, then you’re also the only one to blame when something goes wrong. You might be a martyr, but you won’t be a hero.

4. It costs the company money. If you happen to work in a company that still allows vacation days to be carried over from one year to the next, this costs the company money. Whatever days you defer have to be carried as a liability, and when you do “cash them in” they will cost more than they do today.

5. You need a break. If you can’t take a sabbatical, at least take your vacation!

Oh – and when you do take that break, resist the urge to spend all day on your laptop, your blackberry, your cell phone… you get the idea.

So what do you say? Are you planning to take all your vacation this year? If not, why not?

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Anonymous said...
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Kenneth H. Lee said...

If I had vacation days to take, I would definitely take them regardless of the attitude I may get from my manager/supervisor.

I once took nearly three straight weeks off and received a less than enthusiastic response from my manager when I requested it.

Business was still running when I returned.. Nothing had burned down. I got more attitude when I returned.. Oh how I wanted to reach through the phone and throttle him.

I despise managers who begrudgingly allow employees to take time off. They act as if it were coming out of their own pocket. They have no problems taking vacation time, when they want to... but when their employees want to take time off, the excuses start flying..

As far as I am concerned, the vacation time belongs to me and I will take it when and how I see fit. I refuse to compromise on the quality of my vacation, especially if I will be traveling a long distance.

Colette said...

Kenneth, you're right -- you earned it, and you deserve to take it!

Carol Kilgore said...

Great post for those who actually get vacation instead of those of us who work for ourselves and are terrible bosses :)

Steveinpok said...

This year I am planning to take my full 365 days of vacation. [Ret.]

Reason 6: Because YOUR employees need a break from you!


Colette said...

SteveinPok -- All 365 days -- good idea!

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!

Colette said...

Anonymous, glad you found it useful!