Friday, January 21, 2011

Bad Colleague Stories – A Contest

Last year around this time I held a Bad Boss Story contest here at When Fridays Were Fridays. Following that contest one of you faithful readers suggested I do a contest about bad colleagues, so I decided to switch it up this year and yes – let you dish about the worst colleagues you have ever worked with.

Why share stories about bad colleagues? No, it's not so we can dwell on the past (although last year's contest entrants did mention something about it being cathartic). The real point is to share and learn. 

What defines a bad colleague? Well that’s up to you, but maybe it’s someone who steals your ideas or is perfect when the boss is around but treats everyone else like second class citizens. Or maybe it’s the worker who never pulls his or her own weight.

Here’s how the contest works:

Submit your best (or should I say worst?) bad colleague story (short and to the point works fine). Tell us what happened, and how you handled it.

Enter by sending an e-mail to with your story and the subject line “Bad colleague stories”. Entries must be received by Friday January 28th at midnight (eastern time – but I won’t be watching the clock).

This is about true stories, but please don’t use any real names, and feel free to change a few details about the bad colleague (to protect the guilty).

Finalists will be chosen by the judge (that’s me). Each finalist story will be run as a guest post on this blog during the week of January 31st. All stories will be posted anonymously unless you specifically ask to be identified. (If you do want to be identified I am happy to include a link back to your website.) You must provide an e-mail address that I can contact you at (because you just might win).

The winner will be chosen by you (the readers of this blog), via your votes between February 4th and February 9th. (Check back on Friday February 4th for instructions on how to vote).

Did I mention that there’s a prize? The winner (based on your votes) will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Ready? You have one week to raise those awful colleagues from the depths of your memory and write a short blog post about them. I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Click here to see last year's finalists.


Carol Kilgore said...

A lot of people will participate, but I'm so not wanting to go back there. Have a great weekend.

Colette said...

Carol, I totally understand!