Friday, March 18, 2011

It Only Takes One “Yes”

stop go signImage by Joelk75 via FlickrNo’s come in many forms:

“You didn’t get the job.”

“We’re not interested in your proposal.”

A grade of D (or in some circles anything less than an A) on a test.

“It’s not you, it’s me…”

A loss in a sporting match.

“You’re fired.”

And sometimes the “no” comes in the form of no feedback at all: a company that never responds after your interview, a blog post that receives no comments, a phone call never returned.

If we judged ourselves only by the times that we heard a “no” we’d all be colossal failures.

But it only takes one job offer, one proposal to be accepted, one completion of a goal, for you to move forward.

It only takes one “yes” to be a success.

The poet Wallace Stevens wrote in his poem The Well Dressed Man With a Beard:

After the final no there comes a yes, and on that yes the future world depends.


Liz Fichera said...

An agent once (wisely) told me that every no gets you closer to yes. That's always stuck with me too.

Colette said...

Liz, what I great way of looking at it!

Dave E said...

Awesome post, thanks.

Carol Kilgore said...

I love this post and Liz's comment, too.
Happy Friday!

Liza said...

We all have to remember that a "Yes" is always out there.

One Womans Eye said...

I agree with Liz and live with that philosophy. Every no is a step closer to the Yes!

Colette said...

Love the optimism here today!

Tracy said...

So true! Sometimes hearing the no's can make you even that much more excited and appreciative of the yes's.

Talei said...

I like that quote from the poem too. And also Liz's comment. Yes is always much more meaningful after a round of No's.