Friday, June 24, 2011

Republicans Work to Stop Same Sex Marriage Vote in New York

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 20:  People walk past a Ma...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeEvery day for the past two months I have received calls from the National Organization for Marriage Equality. Not one call a day. Not two calls a day. Most days I have received three or more calls. If I’m not home when the phone rings, the robo-caller leaves a pleasant message letting me know that he will call back later.

I don’t want him to call back later. This is all a guise to stop same-sex marriage from being legalized in New York.

The caller doesn't ask what my opinions are on the issue. It only asks:

Are you registered to vote in New York? If I answer “yes”, the next question is:

Do you support the statement that marriage should be solely between a man and a woman?

The first time I heard the question I was caught off guard. “What kind of a ridiculous question is that?” I yelled at the automated voice on the phone. Didn't they say they were the organization for marriage equality?

Robo-caller calmly replied, “If you don’t respond with a yes or no I cannot record your response.”

Over the weeks, I tried various responses including, “Absolutely not!” “You've got to be kidding," and “Please take me off your calling list.”

They keep calling. Apparently there is no do-not-call registry for political calls.

I tried answering “No” to the “Are you registered to vote in New York” question, hoping that that would trigger them to take me off their list. Their automated program doesn’t seem to be that smart.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer “Yes” to the “Do you support” question, but I understand that if you do respond “Yes” robo-caller advises to contact your state senator.

So I took his advice, and sent off an e-mail to my state senator urging him to support the same-sex marriage bill. (I also urged him to institute a do-not-call registry for political calls.)

Nearly a week after the state senators were slated to go home, they are continuing to debate whether the bill should come up for a vote. Republican leaders in the Senate are working hard to keep the vote from happening.

Isn't this the twenty-first century?

Update Saturday June 25th:
Late last night the NY State Senate passed the same sex marriage bill. Hopefully the harassing calls will stop.


Dave E said...

Marriage, from a government point of view, is a legal contract between two people, nothing more.
At a religious level it's is a personal thing. If one group of people (which we shall refer to as a 'church' for the sake of this argument) don't want to allow same sex unions within their group then fine, but by the same token if another group are fine with it, what the hell has that to do with the first group or politicians, unless those politicians are sucking up to the religious majority.
At a base level this is discrimination. Just as bad as segregation in the past or the persecutions of religious minorities, both in the past and still going on today.

So much for separation of church and state huh!

You can probably guess that my answer to that question would be NO! Hopefully I am more open minded and tolerant of others, even others with different orientations and beliefs then me, than many of our so called leaders.

Steve in POK said...

The calls have been annoying - even if you say you are NOT registered in NY the second question is still asked. IMHO, I think it will pass, the political pressure is tremendous. The hold-up I believe is getting language into the bill that protects religious organizations from law suits and other actions if they choose not to recognize a same-sex union. Either way there will be problems.

Colette said...

This is clearly one where no matter what the answer -- a large portion of the population will be unhappy for some time.

Anonymous said...

Of course gay marriage should be legal! Why shouldn't they suffer like the rest of us?

What would Don Draper say?

Anonymous said...

A large portion of the population will be unhappy for some time? Perhaps, but it seems to me that even people who disapprove of interracial marriage are astonished that there actually used to be laws against it.

Steve in POK said...

Update: 06/24/11 @ 10:58PM EST. The bill passed in the NYS Senate, 33 to 29. My belief is that this will accelerate similar legislation in other states.