Friday, November 11, 2011

A Humorous Perspective on the Republican Presidential Debate

ROCHESTER, MI - NOVEMBER 09:  Moderators John ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeNote: This account is fictional, and not intended to represent the candidates’ actual views. Any similarity to words actually spoken by the candidates is coincidental. This is for entertainment purposes only.

And now for the last question of the night from Maria Bartiromo: “Down the line, thirty seconds. Describe in your own words, the color of the sky.”

Governor Jon Huntsman: “When I was in China there were days we couldn’t see the sky. But I know that sky. It’s grey.”

Representative Ron Paul: “As far as I’m concerned the sky can be any color you want it to be. I just hope I’m still here to see it after the election is over.”

Governor Rick Perry: Well, I see three colors; white, and there’s some grey, and oh – what’s the third color... wait, it will come to me. I’m sorry; I can’t recall the third one.

Representative Michele Bachmann: “The answer is very clear. If we just look we can all see that the sky is blue. The same color as my eyes.”

Former CEO Herman Cain: “Maria, that’s the wrong question. We need to be looking at the clouds in the sky. I see one there that looks a nine. And oh – there’s another, and another. 9-9-9, that’s what I see.”

Former Senator Rick Santorum: “Well, if there are clouds in the sky I probably introduced them.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: “Look. To answer that in thirty seconds is a little bit absurd. The color of the sky affects every American. But just so that we’re clear, I know the sky better than anyone here.”

Former Governor Mitt Romney: “It really doesn’t matter what color I think the sky it. What matters is how the markets see it. If the markets like blue, then blue it is, and we should let the markets work.

What was your take on the Republican Presidential debate? Was there a winner?


Rosemary Breehl said...

No winners ... they're all losers.

Dave E said...


Steve in POK said...

You have entertained me and at the same time made me sad...all in 30 sec.

Colette said...

Dave, Rosemary, you may be right -- the only winner was Obama.

Steve, then I have done my job for the day :-)

Andree Santini said...

We need new questions if we want better answers, it may not be just the candidates that are losing here.

Dave E said...

Being a 'foreigner' by birth although a citizen now I am not really biased one way or the other re the parties, I'd just like to see a party and president in power that actually cared about the country rather than scoring points in their own political games.
I thing the real losers are we, the people. If this is the best that a major political party can muster it's pretty sad. Where are the Kennedy's of our era. Where are the leaders that will inspire us to greatness. All I see are politicians that are interested in their own agendas instead of the future of this country.
Just plain sad...