Friday, November 25, 2011

When the Deer no Longer Freeze in the Headlights

#12 - Deer in HeadlightsImage by elviskennedy via FlickrI remember when an occasional deer would be caught in my headlights and she would freeze in her tracks. She was caught off guard – surprised, shocked, even frightened.

But today, the deer wander around my neighborhood just like the squirrels. Neither cars nor people scare them. They are no longer afraid to approach the house to feed on the buds. They no longer freeze in the headlights – a car driving down the road is a familiar sight to the deer in my neighborhood. They have become complacent.

But the deer are not the only ones who no longer fear the headlights.

The unemployment rate stays high and we expect that unemployment benefits will be extended.

We no longer flinch when our jobs are sent overseas – we expect it.

Another financial institution or government is in crisis and we expect that they will be bailed out.

Our country’s leaders fail once again to reach agreement on a key issue, and we continue on as if this were okay.

I could argue heartily that fear is not a healthy emotion. Yet without it, we lose that adrenaline rush that causes us to buck up and take action. Without fear, we risk becoming a society of complacency and entitlements.

When was the last time you saw a deer in the headlights?


Steve in POK said...

Actually, last night....

Kenneth H. Lee said...

Not quite in the headlights, but saw one yesterday walking along the side of the road as my wife and I were coming back from a walk along the Croton Aqueduct with our dog. My wife noticed it first since she was the one driving.

I have been seeing more deer out during the day which is not a good sign especially since they are not scared of the cars or people.

I've have a few close calls with deer around dusk and at night.. Not something I look forward too.

Colette said...

I sure hope these were all just sightings and no accidents.

Anon_e_mouse said...

About a week ago... but the real story in our family is a little more complicated. Back in 1976 I totalled my grandfather's brand new Ford F-150 (9 days old) by striking a very large deer that started to cross in front of us, lost its footing and fell. My grandfather had never worn a seatbelt before in his life, but I insisted that he wear one if he wanted me to drive, so he did. He wore one for the rest of his life.

In 2001 our younger daughter did significant damage to her 2000 Taurus, which we had purchased for her just over three weeks before after she had been involved in a multi-car accident that totalled her 1993 Sable (she was in law school in DC at the time).

Earlier this month said daughter's husband bought a 2012 Passat turbo-diesel... and had it for all of twelve HOURS before striking a deer. Fortunately, the damage to the car was not substantial (they had to replace the hood, grille and left front fender), but that deer didn't survive either.

Hopefully none of us will break his record!

Colette said...

Anon_e_mouse Wow... what are the odds?
Sounds like you should stay away from new cars :-)

Joanne said...

The thing about deer and cars is that when you see one, there's always at least one more to follow. Maybe the same is true with the abstract deer, too.

Carol Kilgore said...

We have a lot of deer in our area, and I see them almost every day. I expect to see them and if I don't, I wonder why. In the current political climate, I also wonder why. But for different reasons.