About Me

Colette Martin

In June of 1979 I joined a large company right out of college and stayed for thirty years. I have had jobs I loved and some I couldn’t wait to move out of. I raised a family and was, for part of that time, a single parent. I have worked for dozens of bosses. I have been the boss of thousands of employees. I never intended to be the boss, but I was. I like to think I was a good boss... some may disagree.

At When Fridays Were Fridays, I share my views about life in Corporate America, corporate culture, and working women's issues.

Since January 2009 my work has been focused on writing, speaking, and allergen-free baking. I share allergen-free food solutions for busy families at Learning to Eat Allergy-free.

I am a contributor at Forbes.com Work in Progress: Career Talk for Women Who Mean Business, and LivingHarvest.com. You can find me on twitter as @cfmjewels.

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